5 Ways To Improve Your Recruiting Process In Nigerian Recruitment

In an increasingly competitive globalized environment, it is essential to recruit the best possible profiles to ensure the competitiveness of a company. But today, this is a challenge in all economic sectors. For more details about nigerian recruitment click here.

In this post we give you 5 tips that allow you to optimize your recruitment and that correspond to the different stages of the hiring process: take care of your company's brand, write a clear and detailed offer, multiply the channels of diffusion of the offer, simplify the selection process and automates time-consuming administrative procedures.

Our goal is that you can find the profiles you are looking for in the most efficient way in nigerian recruitment. So don't wait any longer, read our tips!

1. Take Care Of Your Employer's Brand

Today, posting a simple job opening and contacting a candidate through LinkedIn is no longer enough to attract the best talent . The competition is fierce and the candidates very selective. Therefore, it is important that the company takes care of its brand to ensure effective recruitment. 

The company's brand indicates the image that it wants to convey to your potential candidates and employees . For this reason, we advise using marketing techniques in human resources departments to make your company attractive and promote a better candidate experience .

How to create an attractive employer brand?

First, the foundation of a good reputation for a business is having happy employees . This involves many factors: good working conditions, pay and benefits, work environment, management style (trust, respect, etc.), etc. 

Employees are the first spokespersons for a company . Whether or not they are satisfied with their work, this will be known. Today, with the hegemony of social media, any negative experience can spread in seconds and can easily affect a company's reputation. Therefore, it is important to keep employees satisfied. 

Second, the company must showcase its business to different candidates. To develop your brand image, you must create content so that candidates are informed, feel confident, are attracted and allow them to project themselves in the company. 

This can be done by sharing photos of the daily life of the company (team meal, meetings, relaxation time, etc.), employee testimonials, a video of the offices, key information about the company employees (average age, turnover rate, etc.) and others.  

Transparency is essential to attract candidates . For a perfect match between the company and the candidate, the latter must be able to identify the culture of the company using this information, to know if there is a “match” or not. 

To develop the brand of your company, there are different channels. For example, you can create an attractive job page on your website. It is possible that most of the candidates have their first experience with the brand within it and you know, the first impression is the one that counts. Heineken, for example, has chosen to recruit the best talent through a fresh and disruptive interview on a website where it is the personality of the candidate that prevails.


Your professional social networks are also an interesting channel to post regularly about the life of your company in nigerian recruitment. A good example of employer branding in networks is Spotify and its desire to show the good vibes of the team among on Instagram. 

Finally, you can also be present in more innovative recruitment platforms, such as Welcome to the jungle , which offer modern and detailed multimedia content for companies.

To measure the attractiveness of your company as an employer, it is also essential to monitor corporate rating sites, such as Glassdoor , to be able to respond to any comments from employees or former employees, and implement improvements within the company after analyzing negative comments, if they were clear.

An example of a benchmark company in Employer Branding is Google . Its strong brand as an employer makes it highly capable of attracting talent. The benefits it offers to your employees are many and valuable, and they care so that we all know about them. This makes their retention high and that all companies have it as a reference to follow. 

 Finally, add that work on the employer's brand should not be done on time when there are recruiting needs. It's constant long-term work for it to pay off. 

Because like Socrates defended that only the knowledge that comes from within is true knowledge, only the brand that is built from an internal perspective, can become a brand with future projection and value.

2. Write A Clear And Detailed Offer

For this, it is necessary to define the desired profile with the manager to avoid wasting time during the selection stages. 

Although at first it may seem simple, it is not easy. In fact, it sometimes happens that the job offer does not clearly specify the required profile or the description of the position to be carried out . The consequence is the increase of mistrust and confusion among candidates, who actually apply without really knowing if it corresponds to the position they are seeking.

The consequences can be very negative for the company in nigerian recruitment, since a lot of time is wasted filtering applications that clearly do not fit the cost that this implies for both the recruiter and the company.